This course focuses on thoughtfully and critically embedding computational media into the physical world. We will make, tinker, and experiment with high tech and low tech materials. Our hands-on, materially-oriented work will be grounded in theoretical concepts from HCI (Human Computer Interaction), design, and information studies. This course is taught by Stacey Kuznetsov, assistant professor at the School of Arts, Media, and Engineering.

Cupcake Circuit

I had to re-do my assignment and the layout of my circuit switch because the design of the circuit and the switch could have been a little more aesthetically pleasing and creative.

1st link: This is the first circuit and design I first attempted to make:

This 2nd link will be the final version of my circuit switch. It will not show whats underneath but that will come in the next link.

This last link will show my design and its layout of the circuit switch. The conductive materials I used was copper tape and 2 wires, 1 jumper wire and 1 solid wire. I also taped down the wires, the ends of the copper tape, and the battery. The switch I created, just had small strips of copper tape on the front of the small switch. The ends of the wire(s) held the switch in place.
(Also, I asked my girlfriend to operate the circuit switch)

These images will be my calculations for the conductive material I decided to measure. It was cut a off, of paper clip.

paper clip and multimeter