Project pitch and proposal

In this assignment you will finalize your project idea. This is a 2-part assignment: you will post your project proposal to the blog, and you will pitch your idea in class.

Project pitch (4 minutes in class)
You will have four minutes to pitch your idea to the class. You can use any format you want (slides, skit, poster, video, etc.). Your goal is to convince the class that your project is a good idea. Since you only have 4 minutes, you have to succinctly explain:

  • The project narrative, the big vision, problem or opportunity (one of your storyboards might be a starting point for this)
  • Why your idea is original (show similar work and explain why yours is different)
  • What impact your project will have on people, ethics, environment, culture
  • Your proposed prototype (what you plan to build)

Project proposal
In addition to the pitch, write a more detailed project proposal for the class blog. At the very least, include the following:

  • motivation (similar to the pitch, describe what problem, research question, or opportunity your project addresses)
  • related work (do a quick search to see if other projects have tried to address a similar topic; find 2-3 similar projects)
  • your idea (what you plan to build, who will use it, where it will be used, and why it’s different from existing work)
  • a discussion of the impact your project will have on people, ethics, environment, culture (1-2 paragraphs)
  • implementation (how you plan to implement your idea)
  • parts list (a tentative list of components you might use for this project)
  • timeline and responsibilities of each group member. The timeline must include what milestones you hope to meet each week leading up to the deadline.

Post your project proposal on the class blog under the “project proposal” category.

The proposal posted on the blog is worth 6 points
1 point for describing your project  motivation
1 point for describing related work
1 point for describing your project idea
1 point for including a parts list and implementation details in your proposal
1 point for the the discussion of your project impact
1 point for project timeline and group responsibilities

The in-class pitch is worth 4 points and counts towards your final project grade
4 points for clearly presenting your idea in class


Inez Binkiewicz

Kombucha, fashion, food science

  1. Kombucha scoby lunch bag
  2. Kombucha face mask for polluted air
  3. Kombucha bandage
  4. Kombucha face mask skincare
  5. Kombucha writing paper

Immune system, personal genetics, cancer

  1. 3d printed organs
  2. 3d printed bone parts
  3. 3d visual/ animation of possible offspring visuals based on genetic traits
  4. 3d visual representation of possible future illnesses
  5. 3d printed skin

Sensing, public health

  1. in-house self-adjusting humidifier
  2. in-house self-adjusting lighting
  3. heart beat sensing bracelet
  4. pulse sensing bracelet
  5. room air quality sensor

DIYbio/ DIY incubator

  1. take house kombucha cultivation kit
  2. plant that creates shade by adjusting to sunlight
  3. plant that filters air
  4. plant that makes sure that the air is not too dry by releasing water mist into the air
  5. a plant that changes color due to sunlight