You can download the interactive materials syllabus  (PDF)

Course slides


Circuit basics and Ohms Law

Physical computing and Arduino LED’s

Arduino Switch


Weekly assignments and blogposts (48%)

  • each assignment is worth 4 points and 4% of the final grade
  • blogposts/videos for each assignment are due 11.59am on deadline day

Paper presentation (6%)

  • you are responsible for presenting one of the class readings to the class
  • you will have ~7 minutes for your summary/presentation
  • sign up to present a paper

Final project (30%)
Attendance / in class participation (6%)

The final grade will receive a 10point curve so that all final grades will be out of 100.


Late policy

You will lose 1 point for each late day on the weekly assignments. Weekly assignments that are 4 days late receive no credit. You will lose 6 points for each day that your final project is late. Final projects that are more than 5 days late will receive no credit.


Attendance policy

Students are required to attend every class and participate in discussions and hands-on activities. An attendance sign-in sheet will be passed around, please make sure to sign it at the beginning of every class. If you absolutely have to miss a class, please email the instructor beforehand. You will lose 3 points (50% of your attendance grade) for each unexcused absence. In addition, you will be graded on your participation, which is worth 6% of your overall grade.

Syllabus Statement Regarding Transgender/Non-Conforming Students


If the name on the course roster is not your preferred/asserted name, please let me know so that I can address you properly and in accordance with your asserted name. I see this as a basic human right.

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