You can download the Interactive Materials Syllabus Spring 2016  (PDF)

Course slides

Introduction (Day 1)

Circuits Basics (Day 2)

Arduino LEDs and Switch (Day 3)

LED circuit and switch circuit

More LEDs, Switches, and programming basic (Day 4)

Analog Input and Output (Day 5 & 6)

Trasnsistors and Thermochromic Paint (day 7)

External power and transistors (day 9)

Capacitive Sensing(day 10)

MAX MSP Lecture Materials by Assegid Kidane (day 11)

How to install an Arduino Library

Read Data from Arduino & Write to File in Processing


Weekly assignments and blogposts (48%)

  • each assignment is worth 4 points and 4% of the final grade
  • blogposts/videos for each assignment are due 11.59pm on deadline day

Paper presentation (6%)

  • you are responsible for presenting one of the class readings to the class
  • you will have ~7 minutes for your summary/presentation
  • sign up to present a paper

Final project (30%)
Attendance / in class participation (6%)


Late policy

You will loose 1 point for each late day on the weekly assignments. Weekly assignments that are 4 days late receive no credit. You will loose 6 points for each day that your final project is late. Final projects that are more than 5 days late will receive no credit.


Attendance policy

Students are required to attend every class and participate in discussions and hands-on activities. An attendance sign-in sheet will be passed around, please make sure to sign it at the beginning of every class. If you absolutely have to miss a class, please email the instructor beforehand. You will loose 3 points (50% of your attendance grade) for each unexcused absence. In addition, you will be graded on your participation, which is worth 6% of your overall grade.


Coming soon!


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