All assignments are due by 11.59am on the day of the deadline!
0. Introductions | due Jan 10 | see introductions
Create an Arduino-controlled switch and use 2 LED's as outputs.
1. Arduino soft switch | due Jan 17 | see Arduino switch projects 
Create an Arduino-controlled switch and use 2 LED's as outputs.
2. handcrafting analog sensors | due Jan 24 | see sensing projects
Create a fabric or thread-based sensor (pressure, stretch, tilt).
3. pulse sensor | due Jan 31 | see pulse sensor projects
Create an artifact that responds to human heartbeat
4.1 Bioart Stencil | due Feb 4 | see capSense projects
Design a screenprinting stencil based on your bioart experiment.
4.2 capSense + bioart screenprint | due Feb 14 | see capSense projects
Make your bioart screenprint interactive with light, motion, or sound.
5 3D design for mycelium | due Feb 12 | see 3D Designs
Create a 3D shape to serve as a mold for your mycelium project.
6. Mycelium + advanced sensing | due Feb 28 | see mycelium projects
Incorporate a sensor + output into your mycelium structure.
7. project brainstorming | due March 12 | see brainstorming posts
Submit 20 project ideas by the beginning of class on Wednesday.
8. telling stories | due March 14 | see storyboards 
Make a storyboard for each of your top 3 concepts.
9. project pitch and proposal | due March 28 | see project proposals
Create a 4-minute pitch for your project idea (to present in class!)
Post a detailed proposal, include problem, your design, and parts list.

11. look, ask, learn, try | due April 4 | see observation reports
Observe a biology-related location and submit photographs and notes.
13. project update/presentation | due Apr 16 | see status updates
Post project update + present rapid 30-second summary in class.
Final project showcase | TBA 
Final project documentation demonstrations & reception
14. Final project documentation | due May 1 | see final projects
Final project documentation due.

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