Cody S. Conductive Material

For this project I took the CapSense project and combined it to make the muscle wire heat on and off. I used a lemon as a switch and once it hit a threshold the wire would go through the process of heating up and cooling off. In the end it ended up working and making the wire heat up to make the fabric say “hi”.

The one problem I ran into was that the while loop would only run once ans then just stay in there and not come back out. Not entirely sure on how to fix it but the project does work for one go around. capture


Timothy Vance’s ThermoMail


For this project, I wanted to use the thermochromatic cloth in some way.  So I decided to make a design of an email on the back of the cloth.  This way went the cloth would heat up the design would become visible.  Though when I put this into to testing the heating pad never would become hot enough to show the design.






Thermochromatic Paint by Loren B.

This project used thermochromatic paint as well as a thermoelectric pad to activate the paint. The pad would be turned on using a capacitive sensor once a threshold was hit.

Below was a picture of the circuit in total. The picture also represents the thermochromatic paint before it was activated. Thermo_unchange.jpg

Here is another picture when the thermochromatic paint was partially activated.thermo_change

Below is a schematic of the project. A very rough portrayal of the project.


Lastly shown below is the code that was used for the project. This code corresponds with the schematic above. thermo_capcode

Chris’ Transistor

I used a heating pad and a switch to turn it off and on. I played with a few ways of applying the thermodynamic dust to the heating pad and I found that if mixed with water, the paste can be applied to paper products which can then be pressed against the heating pad. The video below shows a piece of thin paper with the dust paste on it. I should have picked a different color than yellow so the change would be more obvious but the video shows a pretty distinct difference.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 10.33.54 PM.png