Project Update – Jennifer, Michael, Damon, Will

After looking over a lot of the feedback that we received on our mycelium island project our group came to the conclusion, with the help of others from the class, that the idea overall is not feasible/believable. And so, we have chosen to focus more on the idea of mycelium eating plastic in a smaller scale project. We are looking to make either a new form of recyclable trash can made of mycelium, or some sort of instillation that mimics the general idea. For the deliverable, we are thinking of making a silicon mold from a simple waste basket, and from there grow mycelium from it. Since we don’t have an actual strain of mycelium that eats plastic, we were thinking of making a stop motion video showing our mycelium trash can eating plastic or something along those lines. If chosen for the challenge, we would try to design a 3D printed version of the mold and grow the mycelium from that.