Project Proposal – Geran, Terrence, Kyle

Motivation: Our motivation is lower the casualties per natural disaster, physical ailments or hazardous conditions and find a way to help first response teams communicate.  Social media has been a big help during natural disasters but we plan to help take it a step further.

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This shirt tracks motion and heart rate metrics real time.  

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Project Ella – Through Black Fence Solutions


Wearables that track vitals nowadays are usually used in the area of sports to track motion vitals, location etc.  Our idea involves using this concept to save lives during hectic times. Our concept is designing a wearable that people will be able to use in the midst of natural disasters.  The product will be able to track the vitals of team members of search and rescue teams to ensure that they are doing ok. The team would be connected via bluetooth. Each sector of a team would have their own cloud server so there  would be no confusion. A version of this would also be released for the general population, each household would have their own server. In turn they’re location and vitals would be able to ping their vitals and current situation to authorities.


Ethical Impact: There could possibly be concern involving accuracy and The main issue won’t be with the natural disaster teams but with the general population.  People will be very concerned by the price, that will be covered by their insurance company. Privacy will also be a very big concern, people will have the option as to whether or not they want to turn the product on.  Even if the product is on they still have the option to ping their situation to the authorities. Families can just use the product within themselves. Overall this product will help make natural disaster rescue operations easier for both parties.  


Implementation: Video / Wearable Product Display Concept / AR HUD Concept


Parts List:

eMotiv (have)

Google Glasses (have)

VR Helmet?

Other sensors?



  1. Documentation and video creation.(Focus)
  2. R&D for eMotiv and Google Glasses.
  3. Project organization.(Focus)
  4. Possibly create a VR or AR experience demonstrating the prototype.


  1. Assisting in creating wearable HUD and notification paradigms.(Focus)
  2. Potential product design concepts and drafts.
  3. Possibly create a VR or AR experience demonstrating the prototype.(Focus)



  1. R&D for eMotiv and Google Glasses implementation for this particular project.(Focus)
  2. Potential product design concepts and drafts
  3. Direction in creating video, gathering documentation and providing some data visualization.



March 26th – March 30th: Finalize concept

March 31st – April 7th:  Concept art mockup/ Implementation research

April 8th – April 15th: Begin Prototype design

April 16th – 23rd: Prototype design cont./ Finalized

April 23rd – May 1st: Prepare for presentation