Intro: Anthony S.

My name is Anthony Santos, but you can call me Santos. I’m currently majoring in Digital Culture, and recently switched concentrations from Media Processing to Design.

I have fair experience with programming that revolves around applications such as Atom, Arduino, Eclipse, and Xcode. As far as electronics go, I only have a bit of experience with microcontrollers from classes I’ve taken in prior semesters. I enjoy working with microcontrollers and Arduino though and I’m looking to expand on that in my career.

I have limited experience with 3D printers, metals and woods (just from previous classes). Definitely looking forward to having some fun with that.

I’ve always found AR and especially VR really fascinating. I find it absolutely crazy how this type of tech has made a breakthrough in today’s world, particularly in the military world. Various countries have incorporated VR to train their troops for certain scenarios or scan different cities.

Introduction (Xavier McDonald)

Hello! My name is Xavier McDonald and I am a Digital Culture major Music emphasis.
I have experience with electronics and programming from previous DC courses, and my capstone utilized sensors and microcontrollers. Soldering was challenging at first, but now I enjoy it!
My final capstone involved fashioning a glove with a color sensor in order to create music output. I like the idea of wearable tech (fabrics/clothing). Per my major, I have used laser cutting and 3D printing for projects. I enjoy working on personal stuff as well. I’m in the process of building an electronic skateboard!
With music in mind, I would love to develop a TUI for music making software. I think the 2D table top interfaces are fascinating. I would love to expand on an existing concept and it apply it to music!

Lucas Iosue Intro

Hello, I’m Lucas. I am a Digital Culture Major focused in music. I have experience working with electronics and programming from my previous classes. A good amount of that experience came from my Hyperinstruments class I took last year. For that class, I made and instrument that used a ring of 12 photocell resistors that was placed around a ring of 12 LEDs that would send raw data into Max MSP to create sound and music. I have also gained a lot of experience in electronics and programming from Byron Lahey’s classes.

I have worked with laser cutters, 3D printers and wood.

An example of tangible computing that I find to be very interesting is SandSacape. SandScape lets its users create landscapes within a box of sand. It senses and then projects a topographical map onto the landscape that the users have created. It like this example because it looks very pleasing to the eyes. It almost has the look of a hologram. It also seems like it would be very fun to use. I believe having a tangible human interface be enjoyable to use is crucial to its success.


Hi everyone, my name is Rita. I’m currently in my last semester of my BA. I’m majoring in digital culture with a concentration in design.

I have experience with programming languages such as Swift, Max, Arduino, and JavaScript. I also have some experience working with microcontrollers and soldering.

I have worked with wood, metals, and 3D modeling/printing from previous digital culture courses. I usually enjoy the physical fabrication part of a project more than the programming part.

I really like the idea of wearable technology. One project that I found interesting is called BioEssence. It’s a wearable device that emits up to three scents which are controlled through an app. If the person wearing the device is stressed, a lavender scent will be released. If they are depressed, a sweet scent will be released. I really like that the purpose of this product is to help people with problems that are experienced daily such as anxiety, lack of sleep, and stress.

Intro: Samantha Vo

Hi All!

My name is Samantha Vo. I am a fourth year Digital Culture major with a focus in design. I am fairly experienced with electronics, including arduino and circuit building. I also enjoy fabricating materials and have experience in laser cutting and 3D modeling. I am proficient in most adobe products such as illustrator, photoshop and inDesign. I am interested in the intersection of art and technology. I am minoring in studio art – printmaking. I like to try to cross paths between both areas of my work.

Jie Qi’s circuit sticker sketch book is an interesting project to me because it allow the user to create with the materials. The sketch book also makes electronics fun and accessible instead of showcasing it as a complex structure that isn’t inviting. I enjoy the variation she creates with just LEDS.



My name is Andre Bulls and I am a senior studying Digital Culture (GIT).

I have intermediate knowledge programming from my experience with Digital Culture using Max, Arduino, and Swift, and I am hoping to get more comfortable with those programs. I have more experience with front end programming from Graphic Information Technology courses.

Last semester, Digital Physical Systems was my first experience with physical computing. It was difficult at first but I really liked the challenge and outcome of each assignment and I realized that I enjoy 3D modeling and fabrication much more than I thought I would, and I would like to gain experience with 3D Printing as well.

An example of tangible computing that I discovered is called the “graphtile” ( I like the idea of using touch/light sensors to produce a visual response and I think it would be interesting and achievable to create a graph similar to this example.


My name is Dylan Doris and I am a third year digital culture student. 

My previous experience with electronics are more towards the music side of things. I have made analog synthesizers and other musical equipment such as a 10 step sequencer using no computer. I have experience programming in Max7 and have taken classes on java and Xcode. Im familiar with programming Arduino and building simple circuits.

The creative materials I use the most would be wood and metal. I like for my projects to be sturdy when I build them and these are the only materials I really know how to manipulate. Hopefully I will learn more about creative materials I could use in this class.

A tangible computing project that I like is this one by Martin Crowley that I found on youtube. 

I like this project because it allows a user to interact with Ableton (music software) in a way I have not seen before. It allows for a more entertaining computer music performance rather than watching someone use a computer. Hopefully I will be able to create something that can modify / create music in a similar way for this class.