Introduction – Andrej Pyndzyn

Hello Everyone,

My name is Andrej Pyndzyn.

Due to my major I didn’t have much experience with electronics. However my passion is 3-D printing. I want to incorporate it into architecture (my major). I have already read like 3 books about it. Furthermore my last semester project was based on big scale 3-D printing and I even 3-D printed my model.

Any material related 3-D printing because I want to build my career on it.

Introduction – Muneera Batool

My name is Muneera Batool. As a child, I saw my brothers (two of them are electrical engineers) working with solder guns, LEDs, projectors etc. But firsthand I have very little experience with electronics. As a child, I attempted to learn Java, failed miserably at it, and decided to never learn it again. So far the only creative material I work with is my laptop (pun intended).
Infrared cameras attract my particular attention since they can help in tracking of objects/humans on stage; they can also be used for storytelling purposes, although I want to explore this side a lot more.