Project Status Update–Ben, Shomit, Justin and Daisy.  

Our project is using the excess waste materials from brewing and distilling alcohol to build buildings and imagine futures where this is actualized. We want to use the grains mixed with other organic substances like coffee grounds to form bricks then grow root systems in them to strengthen them. The roots will act like a binding agent.

We do not have code to implement at this time, but we do have the above pictures of sketches and designs for our prototype we are currently implementing. We are creating mock ups of different brick structures and how they interact with the plants. We also have our shared google slide presentation that we have previously shared in class and our google document.

Until the Showcase deadline Daisy and Justin will be fabricating these example models and trying to create a real living plant model. Shomit will be polishing the presentation format, and Ben will be focusing on code.

Project status update

Post an update about the progress of your final project. Include the following:

  • Quick summary of what your project is about (1-2 sentences)
  • A picture and description of what you have implemented so far
  • Code snapshot (upload your current code and briefly describe what it does)
  • A timeline and specific objects for what you hope to accomplish by April 19 and April 26 (showcase/deadline!) State how each member of the group will contribute to achieving these milestones.

Post your project update on the class blog under the “status update” category. These are due before class on Wednesday. Bring whatever you’ve made to class on Wednesday for an in-class critique.

This assignment is worth 4 points
1 point for project summary
1 point for a picture, code snapshot, and description of what you have implemented so far
1 point for updated project timeline and group responsibilities
1 point for bringing your prototype to class