Rubber band elasticity sensor-Ruipeng An

The material I used for this project are pencil leads, copper tape and a rubber band.

Firstly, I glue sevral pieces of leads together, then connect it with a piece of copper tape and tape all of them on a cardboard. I used one clips to catch both the end of  copper tape and one side of the rubber band. After that, I cut an other small piece from copper tape, bend it, then used the clips(the green one) on another cable to catch both the small piece of copper and the other side of rubber band.


Secondly, I put all the stuffs including LED and risitances on the bread board, and connect them with my rubberband elasticty sensor, my Arduino and the PC.


After coding, I started to move the green clips from the left end of the pencil leads to the right end while the rubber band was being stretched during this process.




The brightness of the led didn’t change very noticeable, but I can still find the tendency from the numbers showed in ArduinoIDE. This is my entire process of this project.

Thank you!

Introduction- Ruipeng An

Hello everyone,

My name is Ruipeng An, from Beijing, China. I’m a graduate student now, major in Industrial Design at the design school. Since my background is Environmental Engineering(Bachelor degree), I have some knowledge of circuit. I’m also a big fan of PC DIY,  having enough enthusiasm and skills on this. For programming, I only have very little experience in Visual Basic. But I’m trying to learn more about coding for Arduino and Python.

As an industrial design student, I did work with several creative materials for model making, such as foam core, styrene board, wood board, PLA( for 3D printing ), clay, yellow foam, etc.

E.Chromi is my favorite project since the designers found a really interesting and efficient way to test people’s gastrointestinal health. The probiotic yogurt drink they used can be easily accepted by most people without pain, and the test result can be very intuitive since it shows in different colors. This project is so impressive to me because it’s not only user-friendly but also very efficient. I realized that healthcare is not only health workers’ job, designers can change and improve relative experiences indeed.