The objective of my code is to show red LED on when I open the BB cushion.  The green LED is turned on when I press the pad. This motion refers to refill function for the makeup. Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 0.19.21





Turns on and off a light emitting diode(LED) connected to digital pin 13,

when pressing a pushbutton attached to pin 2.


The circuit:

– LED attached from pin 13 to ground

– pushbutton attached to pin 2 from +5V

– 10K resistor attached to pin 2 from ground


– Note: on most Arduinos there is already an LED on the board

attached to pin 13.


created 2005

by DojoDave <;

modified 30 Aug 2011

by Tom Igoe


This example code is in the public domain.



// constants won’t change. They’re used here to set pin numbers:

const int buttonPin = 12;     // the number of the pushbutton pin

const int ledPin1 = 13;

const int ledPin2 = 11;

// the number of the LED pin


// variables will change:

int buttonState = 0;         // variable for reading the pushbutton status


void setup() {

// initialize the LED pin as an output:

pinMode(ledPin1, OUTPUT);

pinMode(ledPin2, OUTPUT);

// initialize the pushbutton pin as an input:

pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT);



void loop() {

// read the state of the pushbutton value:

buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin);


// check if the pushbutton is pressed. If it is, the buttonState is HIGH:

if (buttonState == HIGH) {

// turn LED on:

digitalWrite(ledPin1, HIGH);

digitalWrite(ledPin2, LOW);

} else {

// turn LED off:

digitalWrite(ledPin1, LOW);

digitalWrite(ledPin2, HIGH);



Introduction – Ruonan Liu

Hi, this is Ruonan Liu.

I am a final year architecture student with a minor of science in built environment. My undergraduate background is fine art mainly oil painting and sculpture from CAFA in Beijing. I have worked in different architecture firms in Phoenix. Also I have joined in a parametric installation project at schematic and construction phases in Beijing during my undergraduate.

My electronics/programming experience is limited in architecture field. I have use Maya, Rhino and grasshopper before. I am interested in Python.

I have used 3D print for a few architecture projects and familiar with different 3D machine for materials such as wood, glass and plastic.

My favorite biodesign project is Bioreactors. I love technology application on an artifact scale. This project solve real environmental problem while has a highly strong aesthetic function.