Brainstorm – Ruonan Liu

  1. Spider web air filter to improve air quality.
  2. Bio sensor embedded in cloth to measure health condition.
  3. Mycelium architecture self growing volume.
  4. Sensor which monitor air pressure to regulate HVAC system.
  5. Smart phone to gather pubic awareness for installation.
  6. Recycled material in kitchen package.
  7. Sound sensor to measure noise level providing real time data in any environment.
  8. Wind sensor to monitor wind character like direction or intensity to adjust architecture enclosure.
  9. Growing microorganism or architecture component.
  10. Biomaterial implementation on daily use.
  11. Combine different sensors to measure ambient environment.
  12. Print-making bio art creation piece.
  13. Mycelium pillow and mattress.
  14. Grow mycelium as filter for water pollution.
  15. Use biotechnology to regulate food market.
  16. Use humidity sensor to adjust interior environment.
  17. Sensor measure sweating level to help people adjust body temperature.
  18. Digestible pills with bio-material.
  19. Use sensors to measure natural botanicals, to create art piece to represent life and environment.
  20. Recycle waste material with mycelium.
  21. Smart interactive furniture for kids.


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Ruonan Liu – Handcraft Sensor

For my assignment I made a fabric button sensor to respond to the pressure. The brightness of the red LED relates to the pressure.

Here is my code.

int analogPin = A0;
int ledPin = 9;

void setup() {
pinMode(analogPin, INPUT);
Serial. begin(9600);

void loop() {
int value = analogRead(analogPin);
Serial. println(value);
int ledValue = map(value, 980, 1023, 255 ,0);
analogWrite(ledPin, ledValue);



The objective of my code is to show red LED on when I open the BB cushion.  The green LED is turned on when I press the pad. This motion refers to refill function for the makeup. Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 0.19.21





Turns on and off a light emitting diode(LED) connected to digital pin 13,

when pressing a pushbutton attached to pin 2.


The circuit:

– LED attached from pin 13 to ground

– pushbutton attached to pin 2 from +5V

– 10K resistor attached to pin 2 from ground


– Note: on most Arduinos there is already an LED on the board

attached to pin 13.


created 2005

by DojoDave <;

modified 30 Aug 2011

by Tom Igoe


This example code is in the public domain.



// constants won’t change. They’re used here to set pin numbers:

const int buttonPin = 12;     // the number of the pushbutton pin

const int ledPin1 = 13;

const int ledPin2 = 11;

// the number of the LED pin


// variables will change:

int buttonState = 0;         // variable for reading the pushbutton status


void setup() {

// initialize the LED pin as an output:

pinMode(ledPin1, OUTPUT);

pinMode(ledPin2, OUTPUT);

// initialize the pushbutton pin as an input:

pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT);



void loop() {

// read the state of the pushbutton value:

buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin);


// check if the pushbutton is pressed. If it is, the buttonState is HIGH:

if (buttonState == HIGH) {

// turn LED on:

digitalWrite(ledPin1, HIGH);

digitalWrite(ledPin2, LOW);

} else {

// turn LED off:

digitalWrite(ledPin1, LOW);

digitalWrite(ledPin2, HIGH);



Introduction – Ruonan Liu

Hi, this is Ruonan Liu.

I am a final year architecture student with a minor of science in built environment. My undergraduate background is fine art mainly oil painting and sculpture from CAFA in Beijing. I have worked in different architecture firms in Phoenix. Also I have joined in a parametric installation project at schematic and construction phases in Beijing during my undergraduate.

My electronics/programming experience is limited in architecture field. I have use Maya, Rhino and grasshopper before. I am interested in Python.

I have used 3D print for a few architecture projects and familiar with different 3D machine for materials such as wood, glass and plastic.

My favorite biodesign project is Bioreactors. I love technology application on an artifact scale. This project solve real environmental problem while has a highly strong aesthetic function.