For my soft circuit, I am using a hand glove.

While experimenting with different things like my beanie and gloves, I realized that only the tip of my gloves had resistance (because of the property of smart touch). So in order to play with this idea a little further I tried to test the conductivity of my gloves (the tip of it) in a circuit. And voila! It worked pretty well.

The resistance of the tip of the glove fluctuated to no ends. I rounded the value off to a 1000 ohms.  Using the Ohms Law:

ohms law calculation

But the DC power supply gave me a value of current which looked like this:

dc power supple

I was sure that something wasn’t going right. So I tried to test the current in the circuit by using the micrometer. The value the micrometer showed what could be rounded off to 3 mA which is exactly the value I got. Thus, the DC motor showed me the current to only two decimal places whereas the current flowing in the circuit was in milliamperes.


Introduction – Muneera Batool

My name is Muneera Batool. As a child, I saw my brothers (two of them are electrical engineers) working with solder guns, LEDs, projectors etc. But firsthand I have very little experience with electronics. As a child, I attempted to learn Java, failed miserably at it, and decided to never learn it again. So far the only creative material I work with is my laptop (pun intended).
Infrared cameras attract my particular attention since they can help in tracking of objects/humans on stage; they can also be used for storytelling purposes, although I want to explore this side a lot more.