Soft Circuit/Scavenger Hunt.

For my circuit switch, I used a little screw that you can manually press down to connect the circuit so the light turns on.

For My scavenger hunt, I used conductive thread. For my calculations, I got 0.013 Amps. When Connected my material to the power supply at 3 volts, the Amps read 0.01. That being said my calculation was correct.

My Intro :)

Hello everyone! My name is Meghan Beaudet. I have no experience currently with any electronics. However I have some with programming. I can;’t say I really have the knack for it but you live and you learn. I have done work in max, java, swift, and gamemaker language. As for materils I work with, I use alot of digital 2D media. I work primarily in photoshop. As for tangible media I cant say I really have had much experience. I try to learn how to use new media alot, like making jewelery, utilizing fabric and materials in paintings, and in general finding new uses for recyclable objects. I didn’t intially hve a tangible computing or smart materials project in mind when starting my intro (I havent made one before and I am trying to figure out what projects really qualify. These are pretty new terms to me), but I was going through some other intro’s and somebody posted a video of an interactive story book. It completely knocked my socks off. It gave me a better idea of what tangible media and smart computing meant. I also found it really inspiring!