Soft Switch Vacancy Sign – Justin Maroney

For the soft switch project I decided to integrate my circuit into a living space. I attached it to the lock on my bedroom door to create a sort of digital vacancy sign.

I accomplished this by connecting one lead of the switch to the top of the door handle and the other lead to the turnkey for the lock. When it turnkey is turned sideways in the unlock position, the leads dont touch, but when the turnkey is rotated up to the locked position the leads touch and complete the circuit. On the code side, when the switch is open, it turns on the yellow LED, and when the circuit is closed, it turns on the red LED.

Introduction- Justin Maroney

Hi, my name is Justin Maroney, and I am a DC Music student. I have some experience with electronics and programming, however it is fairly limited. I took Byron Lahey’s Digital-Physical Systems class last semester, so I gained some experience making circuits and programming microcontrollers from that, as well as a from few small personal projects. I also have some very limited experience with Processing. Most of my programming experience is with Max/MSP. As far as my experience with tangible materials, I have been doing woodworking for most of my life, I have some experience working with metals and ceramics, and I have limited experience working with textiles.

While I wasn’t able to find one Biodesign project that I could definitevely say was my favorite, the “Bioreactors- Living Things” project definitely piqued my interest. I have always been intrigued by the idea of a world where humans live more symbiotically with the natural world, and this idea of harnessing the byproducts of the natural functions of microalgae seems like it could hold great potential for helping to create a more “natural” human environment.