Revised mycelium mold – Gabrielle Nacion, Landon Austill, Jennifer Weiler

After feedback on Monday, we’ve decided to mold our mycelium around a chicken nugget box. For this prototype, we want to create a device that compares two different heart rates. We would have two pulse sensors set up somewhere on the box, and the LCD screen would be on top of the box where the words “10 Chicken McNuggets” would be. The LCD screen would then show the heart rate(s) in BPM along with – if time permits us – a visual display of the heart beat.

Pressure Sleeve – Gabby Nacion

For this assignment, I decided to prototype a pressure-sensitive sleeve of fabric that would react to my arm flexing and bending.

My original plan was to create this sleeve with a piece of conductive fabric. I grabbed a random piece of fabric from the electronics workshop, but I did not realize that the fabric I had picked up was actually non-conductive until after the electronics workshop had closed. I decided to use it anyway, so to create the sleeve, I tied the corners of the piece of fabric to each other. I left a slit in the back so I could bend my arm easily.

left: fabric when arm is bent; right: when arm is straight

I then attached a strip of velostat to the bottom half of the fabric, near where my bicep would be. Realistically, if I could create a final version of this, the velostat would have sewn onto the fabric using conductive thread. However, I had to improvise by using a strip of copper tape, a safety pin, and even a resistor to make sure the velostat laid the way I wanted it to. I then attached the GND wire (black) to the velostat side. On the other side, where the fabric would lay on my forearm, I attached another strip of copper and the 5V wire (red).


Here is my hardware setup below. The yellow cord is for analog, while the green cord is for the LED. (I actually found that attaching even a 330 Ohm resistor hindered the LED, so I opted it out)


The code I used for this assignment is here:

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 11.20.03 PM.png

Finally, here is a video showing the sensor sleeve in action:

Introduction – Gabby Nacion

My name is Gabrielle Nacion. I go by Gabby. I have mainly experience with programming softwares such as Max MSP, Processing, and Xkit. However, I do not have any experience with building electronics whatsoever. Since I am a DC Music major, I like to work with acoustic instruments, such as clarinet, ukulele, piano, etc. In addition, since I like to draw in my spare time, I also like to work with Prismacolor pencils, Pigma artist pens, and Copic markers. The Biodesign challenge that interested me the most was NYU’s beecosystem. I like the idea of synthesizing beta acids that were produced as a result of beeskeeping with brewery. Strangely, however, I am concerned about the ethical side of beecosystem and whether it’d be considered animal exploitation by some people.