Introduction – Gabby Nacion

My name is Gabrielle Nacion. I go by Gabby. I have mainly experience with programming softwares such as Max MSP, Processing, and Xkit. However, I do not have any experience with building electronics whatsoever. Since I am a DC Music major, I like to work with acoustic instruments, such as clarinet, ukulele, piano, etc. In addition, since I like to draw in my spare time, I also like to work with Prismacolor pencils, Pigma artist pens, and Copic markers. The Biodesign challenge that interested me the most was NYU’s beecosystem. I like the idea of synthesizing beta acids that were produced as a result of beeskeeping with brewery. Strangely, however, I am concerned about the ethical side of beecosystem and whether it’d be considered animal exploitation by some people.