Switch with two LED’s – Elora Mastison

I set up a switch with two LED’s and a button as an input, once I knew it was working by just touching them, I tried a few things like leaves, different types of paper, and a little cup of salt water which worked. Made a quick video to show that, the rest of my documentation with code and the boards set up is below the cut.

Code: https://create.arduino.cc/example/builtin/02.Digital%5CButton/Button/preview

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Introduction – Elora Mastison

Hi, I’m Elora Mastison.

My electronics/programming experience is kind of limited, I’ve used TouchDesigner for projects before which involves some Python, and am starting to use Max in another class this semester.

I have worked a fair amount with materials like canvas/paint, wood, paper, 3d printing, I also do a lot of cooking and gardening which I think count.

In past Biodesign challenges I found Joe Davis’ “Malus Ecclesia”, who translated all of Wikipedia into the DNA sequencing of an apple tree, making it a tree of knowledge. I love the idea of embedding information into a living thing; DNA is already info that was naturally designed, but with certain engineering we can design it ourselves to express something else. A lot of what art and design does is translate the meaning of the natural world, and I think this project does it in a very elegant blend of art and engineering.