Final Project- Methane Paste

Final Project Proposal_ Air Quality


Antonio “Look, Ask, Learn, Try.”

First off, I understand that the assignment asked to visit a place related to my final project. However, there is a conflict of schedules where I would not be home in time to visit because the businesses I had in mind were already closed.

My roommate is a former Navy Veteran, whose job was Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD). He disposed of bombs, to put it in a simpler term. So he understands chemistry, biology, and sciences of that nature. So he now works for a missile plant in Phoenix. I ASKED about the importance of carbon dioxide in his facility and if it is important to know the levels of CO2 at any part of his job.

Surprisingly, he did not talk much about the bombs or missiles, it was more of the Air Conditioning that stood out during the conversation. There could be levels of CO2 that could interfere with the creation of missiles, but other than that, he was not much help.

I also decided to ASK random people (perhaps a sample group of 30), if they knew about carbon dioxide and the dangers of it. 29 out of 30 quickly referred to committing suicide by leaving the car on in the garage and falling asleep. Most were not aware of the levels and how it affects the carbon footprint or the human body.

As I did more research online, I LEARNED that:

Carbon dioxide can lead to people feeling tired and less productive in the workplace or school. It can even lead to headaches.

If rooms are not properly ventilated, carbon dioxide can increase rapidly. This refers to what most people knew when they replied about leaving the car on in an enclosed space, like a garage.

Some locations have high levels of carbon dioxide and need to be monitored. This can also be good for energy efficiency.

Soil Sensing|| Veronika & Antonio

Used the sensor at work to test the soil on a cactus. The backlight changes color; when the plant needs to be watered, the backlight turns red and says “Water Me.” When the soil is watered, the backlight turns blue and says “I’m Good!” A further application for this device would be to program different plants and their thresholds of adequate watering.screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-5-51-03-pmscreen-shot-2017-02-21-at-5-51-28-pmsoilsense1soilsense2soilsense3