Santos: Soft Switch/Scavenger Hunt

Circuit made using copper tape and some metallic object I found to use as a switch
Used somewhat conductive string. I noticed that resistance changed depending on the distance of the negative and positive test probes/leads when touching the string.
Tried to keep the distance pretty equal and it turns out my calculation was correct.

Intro: Anthony S.

My name is Anthony Santos, but you can call me Santos. I’m currently majoring in Digital Culture, and recently switched concentrations from Media Processing to Design.

I have fair experience with programming that revolves around applications such as Atom, Arduino, Eclipse, and Xcode. As far as electronics go, I only have a bit of experience with microcontrollers from classes I’ve taken in prior semesters. I enjoy working with microcontrollers and Arduino though and I’m looking to expand on that in my career.

I have limited experience with 3D printers, metals and woods (just from previous classes). Definitely looking forward to having some fun with that.

I’ve always found AR and especially VR really fascinating. I find it absolutely crazy how this type of tech has made a breakthrough in today’s world, particularly in the military world. Various countries have incorporated VR to train their troops for certain scenarios or scan different cities.