Purpose-Final Documentation Terrence Powell, Geran Pele, and Kyle Houlihan

We decided to adapt the idea of a modular wearable or insertable device designed specifically for the user or use cases.

The long term speculative concept is to evolve this modular wearable into an physical augmentation or ‘insertable’.  This bodily augmentation tool would essentially live and grow with that of a symbiotic relationship where the insertable would ‘learn’ about the user and be able to relay pertinent information.  Our motivation for this wearable was the state of wearables in today’s market.  They seem to only be used for fashion, exercise and a convenience factor.  While the uses are important they aren’t a necessity and people can simply live without them.  Studies also show that they are inaccurate and extensions of smart phones or other devices. We want to improve upon these current uses.

We used google glasses and an emotiv helmet as a proof of concept and to sift through different through the different types of information to gather.  This process was a bit overwhelming and the data we want to capture has not been completely streamlined yet.  We know we want obvious vitals such as bpm but we want to dig much deeper than that.  For example incorporating the emotive helmet’s ability to monitor brainwaves.

We plan to have this wearable accessible for everyone and it will help.  Purpose will be adaptable to each person’s needs.  The main groups of people that we are targeting are those prone to dangerous situations, health emergencies or natural disasters.  When a person is in danger or suffering from some sort of health issue they will be able to ping their health information via cloud server.  Of course there are concerns with privacy issues, costs and cyber attacks, all of which are mentioned in the power point attached.

Had we been selected we would have improved upon our presentation; adding a video, a 3D prototype and possibly a website.  As for the content we would have our narrow down the data we want monitored, further investigate the data we want monitored, and add the necessary sensors to the 3D prototype that will give the judges a good idea of what the product will look like.  Due to time constraints the bio material aspect would be more of a speculative concept but we were looking into the biomaterial/growable clothing concepts of Suzanne Lee’s and Conny Groenewegen.  You can read more about our project in the attached powerpoint:  Purpose_Presentation.


Some Works Sited:








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