Mycelia-Can Final Documentation Damon Amato, Jennifer Weiler, Michael Maxam, and Will Sheehan

Our project is the Mycelia -Can a trash can that is made up of mycelium that can eat plastic. The plan is to have these placed within homes and have this a use as a recycling can for plastic trash. The mycelium will eat the plastic getting ride of our plastic problem at the source, the house hold. Here is some concept art we made to help image this idea mycelium_project_v1

After several failed builds with mycelium we use play-doh to help use mock up or build


The only parts we use was some mycelium, play-doh, and a small trash can.

Our overall idea is greatly shown in this video that goes a little bit through the life cycle of what our end goal looks like.

Other than the video most of our plans and idea can be found on our PowerPoint for our presentation Final May 2 AME 410

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