Status Update: Hazardous and Safety Conditions Wearable. Geran, Terrence & Kyle.

So far we have implemented the more hands-on portion of our project by testing out both the Google glass and the Epoc+ helmet from eMotiv.  It is taking a bit to get the two to jive as far as the data but we are able to harness visual data and eeg data simultaneously which was basically the end goal for the proof of concept aspect of the project.


Below is a simultaneous reading of my eeg signals while wearing the Google glass to display data and record video.  This displays all the necessary eeg waves while recording the environment.


In the coming days if we have the chance I would like to pipe the eeg data into a max patch if it is possible through the serial port and do a small machine learning aspect with wekinator.  However this is not a priority as our speculative design is much more important for the bio-design challenge.

The real next few steps are to design one or more speculative designs that are futuristic in nature and can span across different markets.  The end product wouldn’t be and eeg helmet and a pair of glasses but more of and instertable or a wearable device tailored for the application at hand.  For example we could make small instertables for elderly folk in a nursing home, special military applications for a group on a secret mission or even given out to the population during a natural disaster time.  Each speculative design would have it’s own capabilities and implementation.  The elderly home may be equipped with a heart rate monitor and gps in case the patient has a history of wandering off which happens quite often when elderly people suffer from dementia.  The military application could track pain through eeg signals and alert neighboring forces if someone is in trouble.  The populous wearable could be equipped with whatever is necessary for the disaster at hand be it a wildfire, hurricane or tsunami.

From here on out we will do the following:

Geran- Continue developing Google glass / Epoc helmet to get some consistent results to show a more usable application in the future.  Also help with speculative designs.

Kyle- Develop ideas for different speculative designs with Terrence.  Also organize and prepare our presentation and exactly how we plan to tackle the correct audience for the product.  Narrow down our research and end goals.

Terrence- Develop ideas for different speculative designs and how many different applications we may want to involve ourselves in.  Make some 3D models of potential designs and how/why they would work.



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