Project Update: Hazardous and Safety Conditions Wearable. Geran, Terrence & Kyle.

Final Deliverable:

The final deliverable for the class based on the feedback we have received, the resources we have and the timeline that we are working with will mainly consist of research, a digitally produced prototype and video documentation of a mock up system using the tools we have.  With the eMotiv and Google Glasses (if we can incorporate them) and maybe a few other sensors we can demonstrate a proof of concept while still projecting our idea into the future as a more reasonable and less intrusive wearable. We would digitally design a device that serves our intended purpose, but demonstrate how or what we would record and use as far as data with the eMotiv and other devices.  If time allows, we would also begin the AR/VR portion of the proposal as an extension of the mock-up system, but we are not sure if we’ll have the time. A potential ‘mock-up’ mock-up might be in order just to show what that part of the project would look like.


Class Feedback:


-I like that this helps people.

-I like the concept of helping people during natural disasters.

-I like the idea of wearables for emergency response.

-I like the prior research you have done for this project.  The networking part is strong.

-I like that they have a physical deliverable for a potential VR simulation.  Also having a video to demonstrate is a good idea as well.

-I like that this idea could be implemented in already existing technologies (wearables).

-I like the idea of applying wearable technologies to improve safety and humanitarian efforts.

-I like the concept and implementation.

-I like the overall idea of a better wearable.

-I like the idea of networking and crowdsourcing.

-I like the idea and the technology involved.

-I like the focus on public safety.

-Cool idea, could keep people safe (yup).

-I like the focus on creating a better disaster response system.

-I like the idea of faster first response.


General Liked Themes:

-Natural Disasters & First Response / Safety

-Video & Physical Deliverable / Technology Involved




-I don’t like how this seems glasses-unfriendly, what about people with glasses.

-I wish they elaborated more on the physical aspect / design concepts.

-I wish you addressed potential privacy data concerns with broadcasting health data to the cloud.

-I with this engaged with broader issues around biotech, what is the vision for biotechnology here?

-I wish they had possible solutions for making it waterproof.

-Someone said something about police being unethical.

-I wish the exact application for the technology was more well-defined.

-I wish you would explain which government systems would use this device.

-I wish the wearable was designed for a more specific group of people.

-I wish I had a better idea of the specific application for your device.

-I wish you mentioned example data or information you would like to use in the system.

-I wish we could see a working prototype.

-I wish the group thought more about how to interconnect users.

-I wish there was a better way to transfer data other than the ‘cloud’ (dont think thats possible?).


General Disliked Themes:


-Lots of Concern About Data

-More Niche of a Market

-Technology Involved and Relation to Biotech


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