Project Brainstorming- Lizbeth


  1. mycelium shelters coated with self healing concrete
  2. mycelium shock absorbent electronic cases
  3. mycelium sports padding
  4. mycelium tupperware
  5. mycelium paper
  6. mycelium water bottles that filter unclean water
  7. edible mycelium food containers
  8. antibiotic device that filters bacteria in the air (mostly for hospitals/airplanes)
  9. reactive bioart sculpture that reacts to life threatening bacteria to alert medical staff
  10. bioart from bacteria on phones
  11. wipes that change color based on the bacteria (good/bad)
  12. lava lamp that lights up from bacteria in the air
  13. bioart lamp (like astronomy lamps) of deadliest bacteria
  14. some sort of plant that feeds off of bacteria in the air
  15. capacitative alarm the only stops when leave your bed
  16. pulse controlled playlists to help with anxiety & stress
  17. wrist band that alerts you when you’re body is low on water
  18. computer/laptop keyboard case that tells you when you are too stressed (take a break)
  19. plant pots with capacitative sensor that tell you how much water it has (stop overwatered/dry soil)
  20. street lamps that run on carbon dioxide
  21. pulse sensing seatbelt for road rage that lock the cars speed at the legal speed limit of the current street the car is in

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