Brainstorming-Terrence Powell

image1 (1)


  1. Bio stencil drums via cap sense
  2. Biosense interactive game w/ cap sense
  3. Antibiotic bio art, color of paint shows amount of bio art on objects
  4. Antiobiotic responsive medicine kit. Tests effectiveness of certain antibiotic medicine
  5. Bio art meter, changes color based on the amount of bacteria on object
  6. Antibiotic bioart gallery
  7. Bio responsive food containers, that change color to determine quality of leftovers


Mycelium and sustainable fabrication(Green):

  1. mycelium ipod casing
  2. Mycelium baskets
  3. Mycelium based skateboards
  4. Toys or clay created out of biomaterial, if eaten by small child won’t be life threatening
  5. Car seats and furniture created out of biomaterial, doubles as natural air freshener
  6. Mycelium reinforced helmets
  7. Fur/leather clothing made out of biomaterials



  1. Pulse sensor that detects audience reaction to certain words used in media
  2. Sensor used to detect mood based on bpm thus affects lighting in room
  3. Video game that is connected to pulse sensor. It teaches how to remain calm in hectic environments, player will be placed in chaotic environment, if bpm raises above a certain level the game restarts.  Could be very useful in training first responders/military etc.
  4. Cap sense ‘guitar hero’ with interactive biodesign pictures of each instrument
  5. Light sensor/solar panel that adjust indoor lights based on amount of sunlight in room
  6. Sensor that can detect imbalances in body
  7. User friendly sensor that tells you how much electricity you are currently consuming in your home.




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