Brainstorming – Geran Pele

I am very much late to turn this in but I figured better late than never!


My ideas include:

Bio-Art / Antibiotics:

Living Paintings

Living Sculptures

Wearable accessories that change on the environment

Color changing soap based on how ‘dirty’ you are

Antibacterial trash bags?

Some kind of art based on your diet

Bioluminescent workspaces

Sustainable Fabrication:

Organic fuel! (cop out)

Organic rooftops

Organic tires

Plant based office supplies and furniture

Integrating plants into infrastructure

Modular biological design (like PhoneBloks)

Organic cables


Sleep cycle monitor that wakes you up after a cycle is complete

EEG sensing for marketing

Digital muscular sensor for exerted energy

Location based emotional maps

Biometrics to influence political decisions

Piezzo generators on the body

Monitoring for dangerous work & environments

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