Brainstorm – Ruonan Liu

  1. Spider web air filter to improve air quality.
  2. Bio sensor embedded in cloth to measure health condition.
  3. Mycelium architecture self growing volume.
  4. Sensor which monitor air pressure to regulate HVAC system.
  5. Smart phone to gather pubic awareness for installation.
  6. Recycled material in kitchen package.
  7. Sound sensor to measure noise level providing real time data in any environment.
  8. Wind sensor to monitor wind character like direction or intensity to adjust architecture enclosure.
  9. Growing microorganism or architecture component.
  10. Biomaterial implementation on daily use.
  11. Combine different sensors to measure ambient environment.
  12. Print-making bio art creation piece.
  13. Mycelium pillow and mattress.
  14. Grow mycelium as filter for water pollution.
  15. Use biotechnology to regulate food market.
  16. Use humidity sensor to adjust interior environment.
  17. Sensor measure sweating level to help people adjust body temperature.
  18. Digestible pills with bio-material.
  19. Use sensors to measure natural botanicals, to create art piece to represent life and environment.
  20. Recycle waste material with mycelium.
  21. Smart interactive furniture for kids.


brainstorm - Ruonan Liu副本

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