Final Project- The DIY Seed Kit

Project by Inez, Cody, Ziyi, and Erin

Our concept stems from the terrible growing conditions of the desert. Only very few plants can grow out here (namely, corn and citrus) due to the dry and hot environment.

What if there was a kit that you could buy that could allow you to grow many different plants, regardless of conditions? What if this kit was also biodegradable and inherently organic?


This is our result. The package itself is made completely out of cardboard, with paper sticker labels under each item to help identify them.

In the top left corner is Scoby. It is in a glass jar, and contains more than enough for several plants. The fermented tea is the main component in the kit; it helps balance the pH of the soil, retains moisture (which is very important in the desert), and also acts as a natural pesticide by keeping away harmful bacteria from the seeds. We placed more scabby than necessary in the kit to allow for someone to start their own culture if desired.

In the bottom left corner is a collection of tea bags. There are about 10 included. They act as the container for the seed and it’s components, and are completely biodegradable.

The center houses the instructions, both in written and youtube format via a url. The center section itself just serves as a work area and a depiction of our logo.

The top right corner holds a bag of soil. This soil is intended to be placed in the tea bag, but there should be enough to fill a small gardening pot if desired.

The bottom right corner contains a bag of approximately 10 seeds. These particular seeds are broccoli and were picked for their high tolerance of acidity. Kits in theory could sell with various other seeds as starters, but with everything else virtually the same, are not a big factor in choice.

As stated earlier, our instructions also exist in video form.


For our display, we also planted a bag using this method, and hooked it up with soil moisture and pH level sensors via Arduino. The readout is on an LCD screen.


The contributions include-

Cody: Arduino code and setup

Inez: Instruction sheet, scoby supply, and kit construction

Ziyi: Video editing and photography, tea bag supply, and kit construction

Erin: Documentation, seed and soil bag supply, and display box construction


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