AME410 Air Quality Display Monitor

Project by Anthony Franqui, Chris Kennedy, and Jackson Sipes

The concept for our project was based on the fact that air quality is an important issue that is affecting environmental and public health alike. We wanted to create a system that could easily visualize how the air quality has been affecting a local community, and also improve the air quality in that area.

We designed and conceptualized an Air Quality Display Monitor that is portable and allows you to visualize the quality of air in an community area through a large LCD screen and comparing two lichen samples pre and post-filtration. Our prototype reflects the type of features that the final product would have, but does not represent the final physical structure that will be seen in our conceptual project.

For our prototype, we used a solid wood frame encasing spray painted white with faux moss as representation of Lichen. Air Quality data from a Sparkfun Air Quality Sensor was displayed on an Arduino LCD Screen while connected to an Arduino UNO.


All other information about our project concept and future implementations can be found here on our Powerpoint: AQDM

Contributions were as follows:

Anthony Franqui: Fabrication and CAD conceptual design

Chris Kennedy: Arduino Code Setup and Materials

Jackson Sipes: Documentation, Presentation Materials and Conceptual Design



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