Look, Ask, Learn, Try – Timothy Vance


For our Biodesign project, we are planning on making a net that catches CO2 or methane so I needed to observe something having to do with air.  What I observed was a show that happened on April 2nd at the Mesa Arts Center named Brain Candy Live.  During the show, they not only talked about air and how it interacts with people but did many demos showing these properties. Some of their demos included machines that condensed air into rings and ones that showed how air reacts to different stimulation such as boiling.



Even though the show spoke a lot about air, they only briefly talked about CO2 and the subject of air pollution did not arise.  My time to ask was during the intermission they asked the audience to send them a question via Twitter.  The questioned that I asked was “Does an increase in CO2 effect the air in more ways than people mention?” For the rest of the intermission, I asked some people around the same question in the hope to uncover something new. Unfortunately, due the high amount of people attending the show they could only answer about 10 questions from the audience and mine was not chosen.  There was one question they answered that was on the topic of methane though and it did provide some amount of insight.


What I learned about from the question was that besides power usage methane has a few other uses such as:

  • Used in some plastics
  • Used in some papers
  • Used in some concretes
  • Used in some stage effects such as fog

As for the air pollution question that I asked the other attendants that evening most of them gave the standard answers like that is has longer lasting effect and that methane is a much stronger for on climate change.  This gave me the insight that if the public knew more about the harmful effect of theses gas it might give them more incentive to change the way that they do things.


As I had mentioned, during the show they had several demos that showed off the concepts they were describing and some of them had people from the audience come up to the stage.  The people were already chosen ahead of time and the show did prohibit photography, so all I can do is recount their tests. The one that sticks out in my mind is that they had a long tube that was knotted in the middle and they had two people from the audience blow into either end in order to fill in faster than the other person.  They were both given different techniques and they showed how one method is much more effective for collecting large amounts of air. This got me thinking about the net and how the more air it can collect the better it will do.  The better technique was to back up fro the end and to blow into it from a distance in order to collect more air.  SO when we are designing this net I will take this into consideration.


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