Look , ask, learn, try

For this assignment I struggled with places and people to see that had experience with bioluminescent algae. So I had to get creative with my choices.


I first looked for a place wear bioluminescent algae was being grown. I could not find such a place so I shifted my focus to trying to order a kit where I could watch it grow. I found an instructables about how to grow your own bioluminescent algae.



I sat down with a couple of people and tried to run through scenarios with them. I asked them to envision what it would be like to be walking through a park at dusk and see a glowing pathway disappear into the woods.

Question 1

“Would you want to follow the path?”

Question 2

“If you saw a sign that said run down this path to promote bioluminescent algae growth, would you?”


I recorded some of the answer the people I questioned.

Question 1

“Would you want to follow the path?”

a few yes and maybes and one person said they would invite friends to follow the path with them so they don’t have to go it alone.

Question 2

“Would you run down path to promote algae growth?”

Everyone said they would run to promote growth.



Here is the link to the Insturctable I had mentioned earlier. I am still waiting on a few materials I ordered to be able to grow it myself.  The plan was to try to grow some myself and experiment with it.



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