Anthony Look, Learn, Ask, Try


One aspect of doing some kind of billboard is that billboards are only seen as advertisement mediums. It is because of this that they follow a set of rules to make them effective. They don’t have lots of text, the text needs to get the point across, and the visuals need to grab the attention of the user. We aren’t actually doing advertisements so we don’t have to follow these rules exactly.


I spent a lot of time looking at what makes successful advertising. The first usually is something that catches the eye or ear. Think of the last ad you saw, now try and remember the audio and visuals that accompanied it. Did they add to the overall experience of it or did they take away from it? Now these are questions that should be asked if the billboard would be used for traditional advertising, something that our billboard isn’t doing. We aren’t making a traditional billboard so we are going to have to look differently at what we are trying to achieve with our billboard. Do we want to have it blend in with the environment, or do we want it to stand out?


I spent sometime asking people what they think of billlboards. Many people said that they don’t see them as often as they used to. From an advertising point of view advertising on things like Facebook are far more important than physical advertising. This makes me think that our billboard isn’t going to be one that has any form of advertising. Maybe the right approach is to find something that blends in with the environment so that is still serves a purposem but not in a flashy manner.


Sadly I wasn’t able to try any small experiments. I am not sure what I would try however. I don’t have any experience with advertisements and I don’t have anything that I could put up on a billboard and see how people react.


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