Project Proposal

Project by Jackson, Anthony, Chris

Green Billboard Proposal

People like to know specific information on the type of environment that they live in. Billboards have always been an effective way of passing information to a community, therefore they can be used to sense local conditions and display the information on the board. The green billboard is inspired by the idea that people will be more conscious of the environment if they know more about how what they do impacts the world around them.

The board will sense and display information regarding the immediate environment in which it stands. The boards will also be equipped with solar panels and air filtration systems that are self powered and may provide additional power to be used elsewhere in the local environment. This will create a sustainable source of energy and clean air and a great platform for getting important information to society.

Similar projects such as the UTEC billboard, the phone sensing billboard, and the London Clear Channels billboard have explored tailoring content to the immediate environment and creating clean air. The green billboard will add the use of solar panels to create energy and will only display information about environmental issues and conditions. This sets it apart from the other similar projects and expands on the direct impact the board will have on air quality and sustainable energy as well as community awareness of their environment.

The UTEC air purifying billboard has already proven to be effective in its respective setting which leads to the assumption that the air purifying portion of the Green Billboard will also be effective. In addition, the practice of harnessing energy from the sun is tried and tested and will without doubt produce at least enough power to be self-sustaining. Not only does the Green Billboard have a direct impact on local environmental conditions but an indirect impact through the use of pro-sustainability campaigning and awareness. People will see exactly how the billboards are working to clean up the environment and will adjust personal habits and moral standings regarding sustainability. The billboards will attack problems specific to their location and will continuously create clean air and energy.

We plan to implement our billboard in areas or cities that have been dealing with environmental issues. For example, areas that struggle with air quality would highlight that information. Cities that are focusing on waste prevention would display information about waste levels in the area and how they have changed in recent history. The project would start as one billboard but could potentially expand to affect many different urban areas.

The materials that would be required to move forward with our prototype include wood, air quality sensors,  solar panels, a battery, and large LED screens that could display the information in an aesthetically pleasing format.


  • March 29 – finalize the sensor and display elements
  • April 3 to April 12 – acquire parts and start circuit testing
  • April 17 to April 19- adding circuits together
  • April 24 till end of class – adding more sensors to the billboard


Anthony – Focus on Fabrication of Prototype, sensor research

Jackson – Digital Design work and Physical Presentation items

Chris – Project Research, circuit programming, implementation, digital and physical component blending



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