Project Proposal: Sensing Net

Project Proposal

Motivation (similar to the pitch, describe what problem, research question, or opportunity your project addresses): Air pollution, specifically Methane and Carbon Dioxide destroying the environment.

Related Work (do a quick search to see if other projects have tried to address a similar topic; find 2-3 similar projects):

Idea:  (what you plan to build, who will use it, where it will be used, and why it’s different from existing work):  We plan to build a net structure that may be able to used on buildings, bridges, boats, cars, over hospitals, personal homes.  It will specifically be designed to filter out either carbon dioxide and methane gas.

Impact on people, ethics, environment, culture (1-2 paragraphs):  Carbon Dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas. 0.04% of concentration is the normal level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. With 1 – 1.5% has a slight effect on chemical metabolism after exposure of several hours At 3%, carbon dioxide is weakly narcotic at this level, resulting in deeper breathing, reduced hearing, headaches and an increase in blood pressure and pulse rate. At 4-5%,  breathing becomes deeper and more rapid. Signs of intoxication becomes more evident after 30 minutes exposure. At 5-10% breathing becomes more laborious with headache and loss of judgment. At 10%, when CO2 concentration increases above 10%, unconsciousness will occur in less than one minute. Unless prompt action is taken, further exposure will eventually result in death. (

Methane is also a massive problem, accounting for twenty percent of the total radiative forcing from all the long-lasting global greenhouse gasses. While methane does not last as long as carbon dioxide, it is initially far more devastating due to how effectively it absorbs the heat of the sun. In the first two decades after release, methane is 84 times more potent than CO2.

    There are cities and towns around the Phoenix area that equal up to 72 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent ( Awareness and active implementation of the devices on buildings and structures, vehicles, and personal uses, would actively help minimize the carbon footprint.

Implementation: Create device(s) for sensing and filtering methane and carbon dioxide. Using LCDs and speakers for outputs. These will be installed into large cities or other areas with a high air density of CO2 by being placed on top and between buildings as well as possible on cars and on bridges.

Parts List (a tentative list of components you might use for this project):   Air quality sensors, LCDs, small speakers

Timeline and responsibilities of each group member:

Antonio: Help with research, programming, and designing.

Colin: Help with design, implementation, and programming.

Timothy: Help with the construction of prototypes, effects on the world, and design.

Arturo: Undecided


First week: Additional information collection & drawn concepts

Second week: First prototype ideas & building

Third week: Interaction on environments

Fourth week: Finalizing prototype

Fifth week/ Later: Additional corrections and improvements

Prototype Ideas:

>Large Sensor for buildings and other structures.  Has solar panels to help power it and places the power in storage for building use.

>Medium Sensor for cars, trucks, and boats.

>Small Sensor for personal usage.  Small rechargeable battery for the person to use for home electronics

Inputs: Air quality sensors

Outputs: LCD display, speaker


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