Inez Binkiewicz

Kombucha, fashion, food science

  1. Kombucha scoby lunch bag
  2. Kombucha face mask for polluted air
  3. Kombucha bandage
  4. Kombucha face mask skincare
  5. Kombucha writing paper

Immune system, personal genetics, cancer

  1. 3d printed organs
  2. 3d printed bone parts
  3. 3d visual/ animation of possible offspring visuals based on genetic traits
  4. 3d visual representation of possible future illnesses
  5. 3d printed skin

Sensing, public health

  1. in-house self-adjusting humidifier
  2. in-house self-adjusting lighting
  3. heart beat sensing bracelet
  4. pulse sensing bracelet
  5. room air quality sensor

DIYbio/ DIY incubator

  1. take house kombucha cultivation kit
  2. plant that creates shade by adjusting to sunlight
  3. plant that filters air
  4. plant that makes sure that the air is not too dry by releasing water mist into the air
  5. a plant that changes color due to sunlight





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