1. Facial mask for skin care by kombucha technology.
  2. Kombucha cosmetics for women’s beauty, lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc.
  3. Kombucha message instrument for people’s health.
  4. Kombucha bottle drink for people’s health.
  5. Sleepwear by kombucha skin.
  1. DNA organization system for families’ diseases.
  2. Using DNA and genetic technology to organs transplantation.
  3. 3D print DNA structures.
  4. Using genetic technology to make the contact lenses.
  5. Through change DNA’s display to treat the DNA congenital disease before birth given.
  1. Sensor watch for people to wear can reflect people’s health, if they need diet.
  2. Sensor breathing mask to monitor air quality for people.
  3. Sensor monitor install in the chemical industry to test their chemical standard.
  4. Sensor test for people test medicine, to check if they get allergy from that medicines.
  5. To test weather condition for the crops growth.
  1. Using DIY incubator to cultivate bacteria.
  2. Using DIY incubator to growth tropical plant.
  3. Using DIY incubator to imitate rain forest.
  4. Using DIYbio to cultivate fungus to plant mushrooms.
  5. Using DIYbio to make bacteria fibre.



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