Arduino + Max MSP

In this skills review assignment, you will interface Arduino with Max MSP. Refer to the MAX MSP Lecture Materials by Assegid Kidane.

Create a input (switch, potentiometer, capacitive sensor, or one of the digital sensors we used—soil moisture sensor or air quality sensor) to control an output in Max MSP. For example, you might create a button or switch that controls the volume of an audio file or the playback speed of a video file. Or you might use capacitive sensing to create an interactive surface that produces different sounds based on human gestures.

Take a video of your project and document it under the “Max MSP” category.

This assignment is worth 4 points
2 points for creating an input that controls some output in MaxMSP
1 point for clear documentation that includes a description of how you made your project
1 point if your idea is fun/creative
1 bonus point if your project somehow relates to biodesign (e.g., you use an organic biomaterial or engage the audience with biodesign, biology, or biomimicry in some way).

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