Cody Smyth Jackson Sipes Soil Sensor/LCD Sensor

For our project, we utilized a soil moisture sensor to measure the water content of different soils and then display the information on the LCD screen. The information will appear based on the analog reading and will tell you if the soil is wet, meaning that you don’t need to water your soil, or that the soil is dry, meaning that you need to add water to the soil. In the video, we use the sensor to test two different soils. The first soil has been sitting in the sun and is very dry, so we expect a low sensing number and the LCD to display “DRY”. The second soil contains much more water volume, so we expect to see a “WET” LCD output with a much larger moisture number. We could compare this to a plant that is placed in soil and needs to be watered each day. Based on the soil moisture sensor reading, you could easily figure out whether the plant needed to be watered or not.

Below is the video of our system testing the two different soils.

Here is the code that we used in order to set up our system:

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 3.17.39 PM.png


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