Loren Benally – Hand Craft Sensor

The hand crafted analog sensor was a mix between a sliding potentiometer and a pressure sensor. The picture below shows how the circuit was generally setup. The velostat would slide along the blue electrical tape and would change the brightness of both LEDs depending upon both pressure and position of the slider. The intention of this circuit was meant to be embedded within a paper circuit. Here is the configuration below:


Here is the video link for viewing the animation of the lights: Loren’s Analog Sensor

Below is an electrical circuit representation in Fritzing:


The code below is straight forward with setting up pin values, declarations, as well preparing to take in analog value. The code the maps the analog values to the representative rgb values in the range of (0-255). The animation for the LEDs was intended to begin to turn on, while the other LED was beginning to turn off. The short delay provides a less dramatic change in brightness.





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