Anthony Franqui’s Sensor

So for my sensor I had crafted a bend sensor. It was really easy to make, although I encountered some issues that I had to resolve with copper tape. I couldn’t get the conductive fabric to touch the other side through the velostat. This was solved by the copper tape mentioned above. I sewed the conductive fabric through the felt in a zig zag pattern. It wasn’t as precise as I would have liked it to have been.











I was sadly unable to get my sensor to work. Using a voltmeter I was able to see a change in resistance when pressure was applied. I wanted to treat this more as a bend sensor for the final implementation. I am not sure if the error was with the way the circuit was set up or issues within my code. As a result of not getting a working circuit there isn’t a video of me showing it working sadly. img_0672Biological sensor .jpeg


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