Erin’s Pressure Glove

This project was incredibly fun for me- I love sewing, so I was happy to apply what I know. I decided to make a pressure sensor out of a glove.

The first part was making the pressure sensor itself and testing to see if the process worked. I did this by sewing conductive thread and copper tape through felt and sandwiching velostat in between the two halves.


From here, I ran tests on my circuitry. I had a couple of issues with wiring, and after several attempts I found I was probably missing a resistor or two on the breadboard. Thankfully, this solved my problem of receiving full voltage regardless of my pressure sensor.


After this, I took a great big breath and hoped I wouldn’t mess anything up by adding another element. I took my pressure sensor and sewed it to the palm of a glove, allowing for the copper tape to be accessible from outside the pouch.

Now, whenever I close my hand in a fist, the LED glows brightly. The tighter my hand is clenched, the brighter the LED. It even worked when I clapped my hands and high fived my sister!

Here is my code:


It is unaltered from the in-class example. My design did not require any code tampering.

And here is the project in action!



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