Telling stories

A storyboard is a low fidelity visual representation of your idea where steps or actions are represented by panels, like a comic book. The goal is to flesh out scenarios where your project ideas might be used. Your storyboards will effectively communicate these scenarios.

See Storyboarding slides for more details.

In this assignment, you will pick your top 3 project ideas and create a storyboard for each one.

Some guidelines:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Make a cartoon-like series of scenes (this is not polished art!)
  3. Do not commit to a technology or a UI
  4. Use 3-6 frames to represent each idea
  5. Do not use too much text

Take a picture of each of your storyboards and upload it to the class blog under the “storyboards” category. Bring all of your storyboards to class on Monday

This assignment is worth 4 points
3 points for posting a picture of your storyboards on the class blog
1 point for bringing all your storyboards to class

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