Sensing + LCD Displays

In this assignment you will use an environmental sensor and LCD display to create a responsive prototype.

You can use any of the air quality sensors we reviewed in class, or you can construct your own sensor from scratch. The only requirement is that your sensor reports on some condition in the environment (soil moisture, movement, pressure, conductivity, etc.)

Use an LCD display to output data from your sensor. The output displayed on the LCD should be clear to a non-expert (meaning, you are not simply printing numeric values read from your sensor). It should be clear from looking at the display what the environmental condition is and whether the sensor is reading high, low, or moderate values.

In your demo video, demonstrate a scenario where this sensor and display would be used in the real world.

Document your project on the class blog under the “sensors-displays” category. Include a photo or video, a diagram, and a brief description (2-3 sentences).

This assignment is worth 4 points, everyone in the group will get the same grade

1 point for using an environmental sensor
1 point for using an LCD display
1 point for clear documentation that includes a video and description of how you made your project
1 point if your prototype is fun/creative

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