Open-ended skills review

In this assignment, you use the skills we learned in class to create an open-ended project. Your project must somehow engage with a theme discussed during the Biodesign faculty presentations.

The Biodesign themes we’ve discussed so far include:

Kombucha, fashion, food science
Immune system, personal genetics, cancer
Sensing, public health
DIYbio, DIY incubator

Your project should engage with Biodesign by prototyping an idea or concept related to one of the above themes.

Your project should also demonstrate at least 2 of the techniques we learned so far (digital input, analog input, capacitive sensing, thermochromic actuation, LEDs, motors, buzzers, LCD display, soil sensor, etc.)

Document your project on the class blog under the “review” category. Include a photo or video, a diagram, and a brief description (2-3 sentences).

This assignment is worth 4 points, everyone in the group will get the same grade

2 points for creating a prototype that uses at least 2 of the techniques we learned in class
1 point for clear documentation that includes a video and description of how you made your project
1 point if your prototype engages with an idea from the Biodesign presentations

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