Making your bioart interactive with capsense

Update: this assignment is due 11.59pm on Friday Feb 16.

In this assignment, you will play with organic materials as part of your Arduino circuit. You will also learn how to install and use external libraries.

Download and install Arduino’s capacitance sensing library. This library will enable you to measure the electronic capacitance of organic materials such as foods, plants, or the human body.

Create a circuit and code that measures and responds to the capacitance of your creenprinted bioart project in at least 2 places. This means you will have at least 2 “receive” pins in your CapSense circuit that are connected to two different areas behind/under your screenprint. You can think about attaching your sensors to particular parts of your prints (e.g., the bacteria or the antibiotic materials) and developing an output that responds to specific gestures.  (Similar to detecting when a person touches a plant).

Your project must have some sort of creative output, beyond just the Serial print! You can use Max to create sound or video feedback, or add LED’s, piezo, vibration, or muscle wire output.

Document your project on the class blog under the “capSense” category. Include a photo and video, a diagram, and a brief description (2-3 sentences).

To receive full credit for the project, your circuit should have an interesting output component based on the user interaction with your screenprint.

This assignment is worth 4 points
2 points for creating an Arduino circuit and code that makes your bioart screenprint interactive using at least 2 separate sensor pins in the capsense circuit
1 point for video documentation and a description of how you made your project
1 point if your capSense project is creative/fun

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