In this assignment you will come up with 21 ideas for your final project. You will think of 7 project ideas for each of the Biodesign themes we discussed in class so far (3 themes, total of 21). That’s right, I said 21, and these are due by the beginning of class on Wednesday (March 14)! You can do it!!

The Biodesign themes we’ve discussed so far include:

-antibiotic-responsive bioart
-mycelium and sustainable biofabrication
-biometrics (e.g. pulse sensing)

You have to come up with 7 ideas for each theme. Other than that, they can be anything. Do not worry about what’s realistic or possible. Just go for breadth! Write or sketch/draw each idea on a separate post-it note. Each note can be just a few words, but be specific. For example:

  • a pulse-sensing bracelet
  • a plant that digests plastic
  • a biosensor that responds to toxins in food

Do not get stuck on one specific idea (do not submit 25 ideas that all sound like this):

  • antibiotic sensor for food
  • antibiotic sensor for water
  • antibiotic sensor for milk

Lay out your 21 post-its on a table, take a picture and upload it to the class blog under the “brainstorming” category. Bring all of your post-its to class on Monday!

This assignment is worth 4 points
3 points for posting a picture of your ideas on the class blog
1 point for brining all your post-its to class

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