Arduino soft switch

If you’re using a personal laptop, get the Arduino software installed on your computer. Follow this installation guide to set up USB/FTDI drivers if necessary. You may also need to install CH304 Drivers.

Make an Arduino circuit that responds to a switch by changing the behavior of at east two LED’s. Connect your switch to a digital pin on the Arduino.  Use the DigitalRead function to detect whether the switch is open or closed. Use at least two LED’s to respond to the state of the switch. You can refer to the Arduino button tutorial.

Document your project on the class blog under the “Arduino Switch” category. Include a photo or video, a diagram, and a brief description (2-3 sentences).

To receive full credit for this assignment, you must go beyond what we did in class. Your project shoulder incorporate a creative material such as fabric, food, paint, household object, or a living organism. You can try using creative conductive materials for a switch (conductive dough, saline solution, tin foil), embedding your circuit in a physical object (e.g., a food item, a plant, clothing, a kitchen utensil), or a space that people inhabit.

You will not receive full credit if you simply submit a video of 2 LED’s being controlled by wires on a breadboard!

This assignment is worth 4 points
2 points for creating an Arduino circuit and code where 2 LED’s respond to a switch
1 point for clear documentation that includes a description of how you made your project
1 point if your switch idea includes an organic material and is fun/creative

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