Advanced sensing

In this assignment, you will explore one of the more advanced sensors and Arduino. You will work with the Sparkfun conductivity kit or the Sparkfun muscle sensor.

You will use class time to research your sensor and figure out how to use it with the Arduino platform. This advanced hands-on day should hopefully help you build more skills for your final project.

While you’re not required to use these more advanced sensors in your final project, these sensors could provide interesting opportunities for bio-electronic interfaces.

Since most of this assignment will be done in-class, your only requirement is to demonstrate that you were able to get your sensor to work.  However, you will get bonus points for illustrating a use-case scenario for the sensor.

Document your progress on the class blog under the “advanced-sensing” category. Include a photo or video, a diagram, and a brief description (2-3 sentences).

This assignment is worth 4 points, everyone in the group will get the same grade

3 points for demonstrating that you got your sensor to work
1 point for clear documentation of how you hooked up your sensor and your code
1 bonus point if your prototype demonstrates a creative use-case scenario for your sensor

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