Look, ask, learn, try

The goal of this assignment to learn about how your project idea might exist in the real world. Your task is to look, ask, learn, and try something in the context proposed by your project.

Pick a setting that relates to your project idea. Pick a place or practice that will provide context, inspiration, or a problem space for your project. If this setting is not public, make sure to get permission from the people involved. Apply IDEO’s look, ask, try, learn methods:

look: what are people doing and saying?
ask: elicit feedback or participation from someone in regards to your project idea
try: simulate or participate in an activity yourself
learn: identify ‘thoughtless acts’, patterns, problems, or opportunities. you can learn from what you observed in context, or you might do a quick search to find related information online.

Write up your observations and notes. Describe where you went, what you saw, asked, tried, and learned. Include photographs or sketches of what happened.

Upload your writeup to the class blog under the “field observation” category.

This assignment is worth 4 points
1 point for describing  what you saw
1 point for describing what you asked
1 point for describing what you tried
1 point for describing what you learned

Include pictures and/or sketches!!

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